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Latest SAT Scores: ANOUSHKA KAPUR * 1600 | ANOUSHKA GHOSH * 1580 | RISHIT MITRA * 1580 | ROHAN KHALEGHIAN * 1580 | AKSHAL JAIN * 1570 | ARUSH AGARWAL * 1560 | SHREESHA GHOSH * 1550 | ADIBA EJAZ * 1570  Latest ACT Scores: Lavleen Walia * 33 | Vidhi Gupta * 33 | Prakhar Sharma * 33 | Siddhi Jain * 32 | Kabir Malhotra * 31 | Samridh Seth * 31 | Dinesh Jain * 35 | Munira Rajkotwalla * 34 | Amaal Razdan * 34 | Vibhuti Arora * 34  Latest SUBJECT SAT Scores: ANOUSHKA KAPUR * MATH LEVEL 2- 800/800 | NAYAAB SINGH * PHYSICS- 800/800 | VISHWESHWAR ESHWARAN * PHYSICS- 800/800, MATH LEVEL 2- 800/800 | AJAY ANAND * MATH LEVEL 2- 790/800, PHYSICS- 760/800   Latest UCAT Scores: FARAH BADRI * 2980 | ROBIN EDWARD * 2890 | MAHESH SREEDAR * 2780 | MONISHA MOHAN * 2670 | DEVANSH CHOPRA * 2630 | CYRIL XAVIER KOCHERRY * 2540 | SHELMA ROSE * 2420 | MAYBELLE DANIELS * 2350   Latest LNAT Scores: TIYA BHATIYA * 28/42 | HALA ALAQQAD * 25/42 | ANSH BANSAL * 24/42 | MANYA JAIN * 27/42 | DEVIKA ANIL * 31/42 | XAVIER * 24/42 | SWATI VARMA * 27/42 | HARVEER SINGH * 23/42   Latest AP Scores: MOHAMMAD GAMIL * AP PHYSICS C-Mechanics- 5/5, AP PHYSICS E &M- 5/5, CALULUS AB- 5/5 | MARIA RAMZY * AP CALCULUS AB- 5/5 | ANOUSHKA KAPUR * APCSA- 5/5 | AJAY ANAND * APCSA- 5/5 | MARIAM MAMDOUH * AP CHEMISTRY- 5/5, AP CALULUS AB- 5/5, AP BIOLOGY- 4/5

Welcome to option sat DUBAI

With a long and successful tenure in training, it is not surprising that Option SAT Dubai has been recognized by its clients as a reliable partner and a brilliant state-of-the-art platform. Option Institute has devised course plans aimed at helping school students accomplish their goals of securing high scores and getting admission to top colleges of their preference. All courses are planned to ensure optimum participation of students and the study material is specially designed to guarantee better preparation in less time.
Every student has special areas of expertise and of weakness; trainers at Option help you recognize your skills and weak spots and work with you to master the content and to achieve the optimum from practical, result-oriented teaching.
Option SAT Dubai well understands the importance of building each student’s profile to make it competitive for college admission. In pursuance of this goal, Option has brought together a team of highly qualified trainers and counselors who contribute richly to each student’s grooming. We offer well-planned and very flexible course options for courses such as the SAT, AP, LNAT, UCAT and ACT in Dubai. In fact, in order to make our services available very early in a student’s academic journey, we have introduced SSAT classes in which coaching starts as early as in grade 8! This is but one manifestation of Option’s innovative and dynamic nature!

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Subject SAT scores are an integral part of the application to colleges. Train with us for perfect scores!

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Our courses and preparatory programs are truly result oriented. Our material & programs are designed to help you score no less than the best.

One-on-One Preparatory Method

Our programs are customized according to your needs. Enrol to our program and get one-on-one guidance for best preparation.

Individual Pre-course Counselling

Talking to you personally to understand your needs – your weaknesses and skills, we offer you just the program that best suits your needs.

Expert Tutors from Across the City

Our team of expert tutors guide you at their best to ensure your optimum performance at the tests.

good words. good people.

  • Option Training Institute has helped me raise my ACT score by 8 points. I really appreciate their professionalism, dedication and support that they afforded me. I always felt like I could ask for help. Dr. Radhika and her team always took the time to ensure I was able to fully grasp each concept and would take the time to explain even outside our sessions. I couldn’t have done it without them, and I recommend them to anyone taking the standardized tests.

    Ferris  Aloul
    Ferris AloulASD, 2019
  • My experience at Option has been nothing less than exemplary. With the help of their excellent teachers, my confidence and knowledge saw a vast increase – as did my scores! My results in both the SAT and IELTS examinations are a product of their extensive tutoring and resources. I am extremely grateful to the Option team for guiding me to the results I wished to achieve.

  • I would like to thank everyone at OPTION TRAINING INSTITUTE for helping me perform to the best of my abilities for my SAT and IELTS exam. Radhika Ma’am, Rizwan Sir and Pavneet Ma’am were an extremely strong support system and taught me everything I needed to know for my exams. They helped me gain confidence during the preparatory period and I am extremely grateful for that.

    Kriti Kapoor
    Kriti KapoorGMA
  • The team at Option went above and beyond when it came to the preparation of my son's SAT exams. They meticulously went through every detail with him, ensuring every topic was taught and practiced. They offer personalized coaching to each child based on the need.  My special thanks to Dr. Radhika, Mr. Rizwan and Mr. Vishnu for all their support.

  • I'd like to take this opportunity to reflect on our first meeting and trusting you and your team to mentor Gabriella and tutor her over the past few weeks. Your patience for fitting into her schedule and availability has been demanding on both you, your team and Gabriella and I have to say out loud how proud of Gabriella I am to commit to these lessons and thankful to you for your professionalism and support.

  • Dear Dr. Radhika, We would like to extend our gratitude to you and your team for the excellent coaching and guidance provided for our daughter. Not only this, we appreciate the customization of the course to Amiya’s needs and providing her one to one support. Needless to say the professionalism exhibited by you and your team was par excellence!   Thank you so much!

  • Dear Radhika, I appreciate the time and effort you have committed these past two years in guiding Gabriela through the standardized testing and college application process with utmost sincerity and dedication. You have helped her become a 'go-getter' and remain motivated and resilient through the ups and downs of the process, while helping her explore her hidden potential.

  • "Option is a committed institute that makes every effort and puts in the hours required to ensure that students are well prepared to take the SAT exam. Our experience with Options has been rewarding; we were especially grateful for the additional hours put in by the teachers to ensure that concepts were not just clear, but thoroughly understood.”

  • “My trainers worked really hard with me initially in order to bring me up to a certain competitive level. Once they had achieved that, they reinvented the class plan to make it more rigorous and in the process pushed me beyond my expectations to achieve really high scores. The one-to-one course I opted for was outstanding and my very high scores on the SAT and Subject SATs secured me admission to 4 schools in the US.”

    Hisham Nazir
    Hisham NazirStudent
  • “Option clearly is an amazing experience. Unable to help our son with the SAT prep, my wife and I decided to select a training institute that offered flexible class schedules and provided professional training. I was impressed by the facilities at Option and after talking to a few acquaintances whose children had trained for SAT, we zeroed down on Option. The result was our son’s outstanding performance! ”

    Zara Rashid
    Zara RashidParent
  • “I am very pleased to write a testimonial for Option. Great client interface, wonderful trainers and very smart service. As a parent, I was responsible for finding the right platform for my children and I found it at Option.”

    Mira khalid
    Mira khalidParent
  • “My seniors at school recommended Option to me. They all had done well on the SAT and were very appreciative of the trainers. I too had a great experience; the materials, training tools, content and lecture plans are very well structured and allowed me to work on my skills and weaknesses. I was able to improve my score by 420 points!!! Thanks Option!”

    Induja Sridharan
    Induja SridharanStudent