We take great delight not only in the strong bond we form with our students but also in the stupendous results we accomplish. Our aim is to to instruct students with test-taking skills that ensure optimum performances.

  • Tests are evaluated by our team and you are invited for problem solving sessions.
  • More than 200 questions of each type are solved and explained in order to build up a large fund of resource skills.
  • Start early! We offer classes for students starting from 8th grade onwards!
  • Regular progress reports and essential feedback by the trainer.
  • Pre-counseling and overview of the course before enrollment.
  • Continuous monitoring by our experienced trainers with the help of work sheets and mock tests.
  • Best Part – our trainers genuinely care for their students and are very supportive.

Our Top Scores

Name Course Initial Score Actual score
Jai Bhalla SAT 1670 2020
Emy SAT 1800 2100
Emily SAT 1570 1980
Sami SAT 1780 2000
Naveli SAT 1850 2030
Sanchit SAT 2200 2400
Raj SAT 1800 2180
Rohan SAT 1850 2130
Stevin SAT 1800 1970
Salman Abdullah SAT 1780 2020
AbdoKhanachat SAT 1670 1890
Anjalie Thomas SAT 1900 2100
Shravan Krishnan SAT 1760 1970
Akshatha SAT 1770 2190

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